Bait Kit Descriptions

Research shows that even pure water filters out light with oranges, yellows and reds filtering out first and purple, blues, greens filtering out last.

In stained water our focus is on greens and yellows first, then blues and oranges.

Muddy water filters all colors pretty quickly but oranges and reds last the longest followed by greens and yellows.

Bass Kits:

Clear Water 1: Charley's Special, Grapevine, Green Pumpkin, Junebug, Mardi Gras

Clear Water 2: Black-Blue, Bluegill, Moonjuice, Perch, Pumpkin Spice

Clear Water 3: Baby Bass, Blue w/ Black, Doubloons, Not Yours, Perch,   Watermelon

Clear Water 4: American Shad, Charley's Special, Chartreuse Pepper, Mine,   Pieces o'   Eight 

Stained Water 1: Chartreuse Pepper, Doubloons, Green Pumpkin 109, Mardi   Gras, Not   Yours

Stained Water 2: Merthiolate, Perch, Pumpkin Spice, Smallmouth Bass,   Watermelon   Red

Stained Water 3: Blue w/ Black, Candy Apple, Green Pumpkin, MF-69, Pumpkin   Spice

Stained Water 4: Candy Apple-Pearl, Grapevine, Green Pumpkin-Chartreuse, Junebug-  Chartreuse

Muddy Water 1: Black Rose, Blood Candy, Cherry Bomb, Morning Dawn, Party   Animal   Joe

Muddy Water 2: Black, Doubloons, Merthiolate, MF-69, Smallmouth Bass

Muddy Water 3: Blood Candy, Doubloons, Green-Brown Pearl, Perch,   Smallmouth Bass

Muddy Water 4: Green Pumpkin, MF-69, Morning Dawn, Party Animal Joe,   Morning   Dawn

Panfish Kits

Clear Water A: Blue Robbin, Candy Apple-Pearl, Green Pumpkin, Pthalo, Silver   Char

Clear Water B: Black Crappie, Candy Apple, Charley's Special, Pumpkin Spice,   Sand

Clear Water C: Charlime, Electric Chicken, Monkey Milk, Mossie, Perch

Clear Water D: Green Pumpkin-Chartreuse, Mardi Gras, Mine, Rainbow Trout,   Smallmouth Bass

Stained Water A: Chartreuse Pepper, Electric Chicken, Mossie, Not Yours,   Perch

Stained Water B: Candy Apple, Junebug-Chartreuse, Pumpkin Spice, Silver   Char, Smallmouth Bass

Stained Water C: Charlime, Doubloons, Perch, Pthalo, Pumpkin Spice

Stained Water D: Blue w/ Black, Green-Brown Pearl, Green Pumpkin 109,   Junebug, MF-69

Muddy Water A: Cherry Bomb, Electric Chicken, Green-Brown Pearl, Not Yours,   Smallmouth Bass

Muddy Water B: Blood Candy, Doubloons, Green Pumpkin-Chartreuse, MF-69,   Mossie

Muddy Water C: Black Rose, Merthiolate, Morning Dawn, Perch, Pumpkin Spice

Muddy Water D: Black, Black-Blue, Green Pumpkin, Nameless, Party Animal   Joe