Custom Baits

  • $4.99

Any of our baits can be customized to your specifications within the limits of our supplies. We can make one, two, and three color baits with various techniques, however, most of the time a 3rd color will simply be the tail of the bait with the other two colors in a laminate. In some instances we use hand pouring to achieve the desired results.

You can choose from 13 glitter colors, (up to 3 sizes per color), four pearl powders, 3 highlight powders and 19 colorants, allowing for that custom look you've always wanted. Now you can go to your favorite fishing holes armed with baits the fish have never seen.

Colorant, glitter and powder options can be viewed in the drop down menus on this page. You can check out our ColorantGlitter and Pearl palettes by clicking the appropriate links.

There is a setup fee of $14.99 per custom color in addition to the standard price per bag for the appropriate bait. Ordering 10+ bags will result in the setup fee being waived and you can spread those 10+ bags across as many different molds as you like. The setup fee will be charged manually if the 10 bag minimum isn't met.

Select your bait from the first drop down menu and then your color and glitter options and lastly, our Hi-Lite powders.

Enter any specific instructions or questions you may have for us in the text box at the bottom.


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