Custom Baits

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Any of our baits can be customized to your specifications within the limits of our supplies. We can make one, two, and three color baits with various techniques, however, most of the time a 3rd color will simply be the tail of the bait with the other two colors in a laminate. In some instances we use hand pouring to achieve the desired results.

You can choose from 13 glitter colors, (up to 3 sizes per color), four pearl powders, 3 highlight powders and 19 colorants, allowing for that custom look you've always wanted. Now you can go to your favorite fishing holes armed with baits the fish have never seen.

Three color baits and more than two glitter options will incur additional costs. $1.00 for the third color and .50 per extra glitter option.

When ordering, you can order any of our House colors such as Grape Vine or Charley's Special or American Shad. These are colors you won't find anywhere else because we created them. You can also select some "standard" colors such as Green Pumpkin and Watermelon Red. Simply select the appropriate choice and how many bags and add to cart, you're done.

If you want to order custom colors, things are a bit more involved but not by much, we promise. You can choose up to three colors the first two of which are for the main body of the bait and the third is for the tail/claw. After each color choice you can choose up to two glitter options for that color. If you'd like more glitter options in either color (or the tail) select up to two more options. We have a comments section so you can let us know where you'd like the extra glitter along with any other special instructions. Head to the appropriate bait pages to place your order after browsing some examples of what is possible when customizing your own baits.

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